The Duunikoutsi logo and the mascot giving a thumbs-up The Duunikoutsi logo and the mascot giving a thumbs-up
A tablet showing a sample of the Duunikoutsi app

Duunikoutsi – Mobile app to help young adults find jobs

Economy and youth TAT

Confederation of Finnish Industries, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK), Oikotie Jobs, Ministry of Education and Culture


Our client recognized that young adults in particular found it difficult to find a job and move into work. The aim was to create an app that would work as an individualized and motivating career coach for a young adult.


We developed a native app Duunikoutsi, a young adult's own pocket-sized career coach. The application helps them to recognize their individual strengths and interests. It offers motivating tips and challenges, and tells them everything they need to know about finding a job.

Concept design, content design, UI design and UX design, copywriting and content creation, logo and graphic design, 3D character, technical development, server architecture and service maintenance, and communications and marketing materials

The badge of the winner of the eEemeli 2020-competition

Duunikoutsi won the prize for best e-learning solution in the eEemeli 2020-competition.

Example views from the Duunikoutsi app shown in a row
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