The splash view of 10Monkeys MathWorld The splash view of 10Monkeys MathWorld
Mathematics training game Bubbles as played on a tablet

10Monkeys MathWorld – Games for practicing math

2011 –

Our story began ten years ago in 2011 when we started to develop the 10Monkeys math games. Our co-partner, pedagogue and PhD Lisen Häggblom, noticed during her long career that the full potential of digitalization for practicing math was not being used in elementary schools.


Our first product was a web-based math program, which made learning fun and easy. Later, our product family grew with many native apps.

Nowadays, over 300 000 children play the 10Monkeys math games globally every year.

Concept design, game design, content design, UI and UX design, logo and graphic design, technical development, server architecture, maintenance, service design, user testing, distributing, sales and marketing, and communications and marketing materials

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