Competence Disc – From skills to credits

The Guides and Scouts of Finland


Our client recognized a need to acknowledge the youth's skills from freetime as a part of their studies. This idea led to the making of the Competence Disc.


We made a solution that connects students, education organizations and the third sector to improve the acknowledgement of know-how and skills. Competence Disc gives everyone an opportunity to join and offers students a practical tool to get one's know-how acknowledged in one's degree studies.

Concept design, UI and UX design, logo and graphic design, technical development, server architecture and service maintenance, and communications and marketing materials

Artwork from Competence Disc.
  • The logo of partner TAT Talous ja nuoret
  • The logo of partner Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • The logo of partner SAK
  • The logo of partner Oikotie
  • The logo of partner Ministry of Education and Culture