The splash screen of Zekki The splash screen of Zekki
The main content of Zekki: the survey screen

Zekki – How are you?

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences



Our client’s research found that young adults’ mental wellbeing has declined, but it is difficult for them to find suitable support services. Zekki helps young adults to understand their life situation and gives guidance on what kinds of public services could offer help.


We developed a digital platform for young adults. It helps them to evaluate their life situation and to find the right services for their needs. It uses the research-based 3X10D assessment tool, and the results can be used to open a dialogue between the young adult and a relevant professional.

Concept design, UI and UX design, logo and graphic design, technical development, privacy policy consulting, server architecture and service maintenance, and marketing videos

A sample of icon artwork used in Zekki
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