Stylized text "AuroraAI x Zekki". Stylized text "AuroraAI x Zekki".

Zekki + AuroraAi – Case study on information exchange between services and platforms

Ministry of Finance

Diak - Diaconia University of Applied Sciences


Our client had recognized a need for building technological opportunities to increase information exchange between different services and platforms. This would pave the way for offering better services for the public for different life situations. In addition AuroraAi's goal was to provide one interface for all digital services provided in Finland.


We did a case study to show the technical limitations and possibilities of integration of the digital services within AuroraAi. Case study was conducted by using Zekki, the service 10Monkeys has created for Diak to improve the wellbeing of the youth.

Concept design, technical development, server architecture, case study, interface solutions

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